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Welcome to Canada! Simplifying Your Path to Homeownership

Starting a new life in Canada and dreaming of owning your own home? Our expert brokers are here to make the process seamless and stress-free. Whether you’re from India, China, the Philippines, or any other part of the world, we understand your unique needs. Our multilingual team ensures you get clear, personalized guidance every step of the way. As fellow newcomers who have chosen Canada as our home, we prioritize your best interests, providing you with tailored mortgage solutions that offer significant savings. Regardless of your current bank, we leverage our strong relationships with various lenders to secure the most competitive rates for you. Welcome to Canada, where your journey to homeownership begins with ease and confidence.

Our team of global experts help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by focusing on three critical building blocks: an outside-in approach that puts customers first, a uniquely great customer experience and internal capabilities that ensure you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touchpoint.

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Receive tailored guidance to match your unique financial goals and needs.

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We negotiate with various lenders to secure the best rates, saving you money.

Multilingual Support

We speak multiple languages, ensuring clear communication and understanding.

Hassle-Free Process

We manage all paperwork and negotiations, simplifying your path to homeownership.

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We negotiate with multiple lenders to get you the best rates.

Here are the top 5 key points about mortgage programs for newcomers to Canada

Flexible Credit Requirements

Lenders will consider international credit reports and alternative data like rental payments to evaluate creditworthiness for newcomers with limited Canadian credit history.

Employment Flexibility

Many programs allow for recent job transfers from other countries as well as mortgages for non-permanent residents like foreign workers with valid permits.

Low Down Payment Options

Newcomers can qualify for high-ratio insured mortgages with down payments as low as 5% of the purchase price up to $1 million.

Specialized Mortgage Insurance

Canada's mortgage insurers like CMHC offer tailored policies for newcomers without Canadian credit history and non-permanent residents.

Access to Homebuyer Incentives

As permanent residents, newcomers may be eligible for first-time homebuyer incentives and rebates if they meet the other program criteria.

Down Payment Requirements for Newcomers

Permanent Residents:
If you have permanent residence status, you can buy a home with as little as 5% down, subject to home price restrictions.

Non-Permanent Residents:
Those with non-permanent residence status may need a minimum of 10% down payment to qualify for a mortgage.

Mortgage Default Insurance:
With less than 20% down payment, mortgage default insurance is required, which can help you qualify for better rates. Learn more about these programs below.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about mortgage programs for newcomers to Canada
Who is considered a newcomer for mortgage purposes?

You are considered a newcomer if you have immigrated to Canada within the last 5 years and obtained permanent resident status or confirmation of permanent residence from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Some lenders may also consider you a newcomer if you are a non-permanent resident with a valid work permit.

What are the eligibility requirements for a newcomer mortgage?

The main requirements include:
Permanent resident status or a valid work permit
Social Insurance Number (SIN) that does not start with 9 for permanent residents
Admissible income and full-time employment history in Canada
Immigrated to Canada within the last 5 years
International credit report if you have limited Canadian credit history
12 months of bill payments and rental history in Canada

What documentation is needed for a newcomer mortgage?

Common documents required include proof of income, bank statements, savings statements, proof of down payment, international credit report, employment letter, rental payment records, utility bills, and reference letters from financial institutions.

Can I get a mortgage with no Canadian credit history?

Yes, you may still qualify with an international credit report and by providing alternative proof of financial responsibility like rental payments and utility bills. Building a Canadian credit history as soon as possible is recommended.

Are there special mortgage default insurance programs for newcomers?

Yes, Canada's three default mortgage insurers (CMHC, Sagen, Canada Guaranty) offer programs for newcomers with limited Canadian credit history when putting less than 20% down payment.

Can I qualify for first-time homebuyer incentives as a newcomer?

If you are a permanent resident and meet the other eligibility criteria like minimum down payment and income requirements, you may qualify for first-time homebuyer incentives. Non-permanent residents may qualify for some incentives depending on the program.